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Connect for Microsoft Dynamics

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM team really is heads down working on the product, planning, researching, and testing. But we find time to take a look at your suggestions sent using Connect for Microsoft Dynamics. Once you have created an account, you can review existing CRM product suggestions and if your favorite one isn’t there, submit your idea.

Key to this process is creating a suggestion that has one idea in it. That way people can vote for their favorites and the one idea can be assigned to the correct team. We’ve added this as a note so that first time users don’t create a suggestion with many, many ideas that apply to different teams. I’ve highlighted the change in the screen shot below:


The process of looking at suggestions is taken very seriously by the team so it is an effective way to make your needs known. We have tweaked the process over the last few years to include assigning team program managers as owners of particular areas of the product. It is now working very well and even though we were able to process over 80 percent of the hundreds of suggestions for the last version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, we expect to review 100% of the suggestions this time around.

Final note, be clear about what you are suggesting. Provide an example for us to consider. And track your suggestion to see how the review goes.



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