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JavistaCRM – Solution Microsoft Dynamics CRM on your iPhone

Javista team is pleased to announce the release of the new product: JavistaCRM: Microsoft Dynamics CRM on iPhone, which is a mobile solution of Microsoft Dynamics CRM on iPhone. The application is available for download from the iTune Store freely at:


Today, the requirements of mobility for workforces are more than ever, especially after the release of iPhone. We can never lose one second to get the customer’s information to convince the lead, to sign the contract, to offer the services and to schedule your calendar. You should love JavistaCRM, a mobile solution Microsoft Dynamics CRM on your iPhone, to move your business forward when your colleagues and you are on the road. 

JavistaCRM, which is developped by Javista technician team, targets to realize a Microsoft Dynamics CRM mobile solution and adapts to clients’ requirements: reach the critical customer information anywhere, anytime. Moreover, the encription makes your access the most secure possible.

Application icon

Main interface

The key features mainly include:

  • SSL 128bit encruption
  • View report freely
  • Real-time access
  • Meticulous details, nice user-friendly design
  • Powerful functions
  • High performance

In this version, you can get the records from the saleforce module, which includes Accounts, Contacts and opportunities. For the scheduling, Activities help you manage the Tasks, Appointments, Emails and Phone calls with your customers. Also, you can get the up-to-minute Reports concerning the sales to analyse the trends and make the planning.

The local database and the functionnality of synchronizing data with CRM Server Database enables the off-line and quick access. Wherever you are, just one click to get the information.

Now you could test all the functionnalities of JavistaCRM by ContactUs or Try 30 days free. Just leave your information, we will send to you all the documentatios and configurations to you as soon as possible.

We will continue the JavistaCRM introduction in the next days, please keep on concentrating on our blog.

For the latest information and updates about JavistaCRM, please visite our wite site: www.javista.com.

Kind regards,


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