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Microsoft Dynamics Certification (FAQ)

Periodically I get pinged about the process for getting training and certified for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Certifications help show the expertise in the solutions you provide to your customers. Your customers can feel confident that your employees have the tools and knowledge necessary to ensure a successful implementation and continued technical support of their solution.

Certifications for Microsoft Dynamics™ and related business products can also help your organization maintain a staff of technically skilled individuals, which improves your organization’s own productivity and profitability.

Certified employees are more likely to learn, practice, and retain important skills. Partner organizations that encourage certification and hire certified staff can be more confident that they are taking a positive step toward satisfying customers and competing effectively. Internally, a staff of certified employees will enable you to reduce costs by reducing unscheduled downtime and the need for external support.

Another benefit is that when you choose to hire certified candidates, certifications can help you quickly identify qualified resources and streamline the recruitment process. You can also use certifications to motivate staff toward excellence and career advancement.

You can read more at Certifications for Microsoft Dynamics Frequently Asked Questions.



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