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Microsoft Dynamics CRM ISV Curriculum


Imagine your company is new to the world of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. You have seen the demonstrations and understand the capabilities and have now decided to commit your company resources to building solutions on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM development platform.

The question you have to answer is where do you start? There are so many learning resources available for Dynamics CRM that it can sometimes be challenging to work out which ones to look at first and in what order. Should you look at the overall architecture or look at the database schema first for example.

What we have been asked for by our ISV’s and have delivered is an example training curriculum for Dynamics CRM consisting of resources that can be freely accessed with no logons required etc. While this content cannot replace a structured training course such as the ones offered by Microsoft training, this resource should be considered a great way to get on the path to Microsoft Dynamics CRM expertise

You can access this new resource at this location http://www.innovateon.com/pageLayout.aspx?pageID=Dynamics_Home. Click on CRM to access the content.

There were a number of people who worked on this resource.

US Dynamics DPE Team

US Dynamics CRM Product Team

  • Nikhil Hasija


John O’Donnell

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