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Tools you can use: MSDN Forums for Microsoft Dynamics


When MSDN rolled out the all new forums more than three years ago, I adopted the then beta forum for the Microsoft Dynamics CRM team. The three sub-forums are:

  • CRM (for general questions)
  • CRM Deployment (for those rolling out and maintain the CRM database and toolset)
  • CRM Development (for those customizing their company’s implementation)

Through the years the MSDN team has been adding functionality including a nice dashboard for me to monitor statistics like:

  • Answer Rate
  • Number of Posts
  • Top 10 Answerers
  • Most popular threads

Managing a forum is a time-consuming job. With the assistance of the CRM MVPs, we are answering a lot of what-if’s and customized solution questions. The hardest questions to answer are the ones with too little information and usually we’ll ping back for specific information needed to answer the question. But a surprising number of questioners never come back to their post. With over a thousand questions asked a month, you will want to be very clear in your post to increase your odds of getting a good answer.

If you haven’t been to the Dynamics Forums, give it a try and let us know what you think.

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