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Just for you: Second Shot at Microsoft Certification


Microsoft Learning has had an offer in market since August 5th called Second Shot. You can ‘take a certification exam, if you fail, you get a second chance for free.’ Microsoft Learning is about to sweeten the offer.

Tomorrow, Wednesday 10/15,  there will be an additional reward on top of Second Shot. It provides value for customers who not only fail, but also PASS their certification exam. It’s a limited time offer and available worldwide.

Second Shot now offers two incentives to get certified!

Today, Second Shot provides the benefit of a free retake if you fail a Microsoft Certification exam.

From October 15 – December 31, 2008, you will also be rewarded for passing the exam!

If you pass, you can now use the Second Shot offer to enjoy 25% off a different exam!

The Offer – 3-easy steps :

1. Register for Second Shot offer and sit for the exam by December 31, 2008!

2. If you fail the exam you will receive a free retake exam that can be utilized until June 30, 2009

3. If you Pass, you will get 25% off a second exam.  You have until February 28, 2009 to utilize the discounted exam.  

Note: If you pass the first exam but fail your 25% off second exam, you will not get a free retake on your second exam.




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